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Dan Helmer – Most Articles Do Not Know This Much

This particular bill was a response to the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) call for states to broaden the Medicaid programs of theirs, a switch that Helmer believed would substantially limit the number of uninsured Virginians. He sponsored House Bill 1049, which aimed to grow access to healthcare by raising the amount of Medicaid-eligible individuals. One of Helmer’s most important legislative attempts is his advocacy for healthcare reform. They scrutinize bills, conduct hearings, as well as can make recommendations.

This work ensures that legislation is thoroughly vetted before it reaches the floor for a vote. Committees are the backbone of the legislative process. HB 2295 (2021): This bill prohibited firearms in polling locations and also vote counting centers, aiming to improve security during elections. HB 1909 (2020): Helmer co-sponsored legislation permitting localities to prohibit firearms in a few public spaces. Improving healthcare access has been yet another focus of Helmer’s legislative work.

“We can respect Second Amendment rights while at the same taking common sense steps to bring down gun violence and preserve our communities,” Helmer explained. HB 1737 (2023): Helmer sponsored legislation to expand Medicaid coverage for glucose monitors. Ensuring accessible and fair elections is actually a top priority for Helmer: Dan Helmer‘s legislative record demonstrates the experience of his as being a veteran and his campaign promises to focus on problems including healthcare, education, and gun safety.

Helmer has additionally advocated for environmental protection measures: HB 1859 (2021): This bill established an electric automobile grant application and also fund to aid school boards in replacing diesel school buses with electric powered shoes. Helmer is a strong advocate for gun safety legislation, sponsoring a number of bills aimed at reducing gun violence. The approach of his quite often involves useful solutions to everyday issues experienced by the constituents of his.

HB 66 (2020): This bill aimed to cap out-of-pocket costs for insulin at thirty for a 30 day supply. Healthcare is a big focus for Helmer, making the role of his on Institutions Committee, Welfare, and the Health particularly impactful. This committee addresses issues as Medicaid, public health initiatives, along with mental health services. Helmer co sponsored healthcare coordination bills. H.3346- 110th Congress – Healthcare Choices Act–Gives every State, through the State health official, money to assist evaluate and monitor the quality effectiveness efficiency and monetary stability of the private health insurance market within the State and also to gather info on State activities under this Act.

Supports increasing use of health insurance. The Project Vote Smart Voter Guide inferred how candidates would respond to the problem,’ Health Care: Do you help support requiring all people to buy health insurance prohibiting insurance companies from discriminating on the basis of a pre existing condition?